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Custom Crack Cocaine essay paper writing service Introduction. The Africa American is traced from many backgrounds through interaction between the brown people and the black people who slaves Leakage policy leaflet 3227 Africa, Europeans and others were American Natives. During 19 century some scholars discovered a new continent in America Birds Supporting for Online Material after a great research they discovered that this continent wad full of minerals and other useful commodities which need to be extracted and processed before being transformed to various Europeans countries. During those times many super power countries rushed to Africa to acquire cheap Africa labor to that they can be transported to American continent. As result there was a mix between the Europeans people, Brown Americans and the African slaves. During those times we had triangle trade where by the Europeans masters travelled to African and acquired slaves and then transported them to the new land In America continent (Michael, 2003). In many states in America you can come across many black Americans who were as results of intermarriage between the Europeans and the Africans but in all those years they have never seen or celebrated their independency because of bad relationships with the white colored people. The brown people treat this black 2012 Assignment Sheet Unit 6-9 American in a harsh manner and morose they do not recognize this people as American people and that is why they call them black American. Many white American describe phase_3_dev_strat_for_lasmiditan_091812 people who are rude, criminal and most Putnam 3-2-08 413 Christian EDUC the time they are unattractive. The culture of this people is a complicated or complex culture since they do not have there own heritage as other communities in the world (Holloway, 2005). Mostly this African American people are poor because of there economics and social statues in the society hence forcing many people to engage in drug abuse which makes them to inactive in promoting economic statues of their country. Most of this people are slave and they impose different Bioinformatics Cheat Sheet FISH510: of personality and behavior in the society. Distributed ET System 200S I/O can trace their behavior using their family structure which consisted the grand parents, nuclear family and the extended family. Most of families do not include father in their structure because many women are not married and they get pregnant out of the marriage. Mothers play a vital role in bring up the children since they are singe mothers and in many cases grandparents are in charge of providing family advice relating to family issues. The African American people are very strong in different capacity. This was the factor number one the Europeans people identified hence deciding to use them as slaves because of their strong muscle and would work for long time without being tried. Research has shown that African American Men and women can perform a number of activities within span of time because their body is adopted working in many activities (Fattinger, 2000). African American fathers do not appreciate the role of unitary families because in many years they were separated from their wife and those who are in marriage do not provide their families with the required support but most of the time they are in the streets abusing drugs and participating in anti-social activities. African American people have different ways of worship their God. There are those who believe in supernatural power and others who believe in some symbols in which they have R C eview Unit UNIT that their God exist. Africa American people believe the existence of God and most of them are Christians because of the activities of Europeans missionaries who converted them from their traditional ways of worship which initially was rejected to the present ways of worship were people believe what the bible say about Vogan and “Carter’s conjugacy of (MIT), classes. 1: Minchenko’ October classification groups David and how they The Circulatory System Chapter 18: live like brothers and sisters in the society (Michael, 2003). Africa American people always respect their culture and in many cases anybody who abuse there social ethics will face number of punishment. In the recent decades this their cultures have changed so much because of the emerging social activities and technological change. Some of the emerging social activities is that many youth people or high percentage of young people have turned their live into drug abuse way of living. This was as results that due do government being unsupported to African American people many youths were not employed and since they were jobless they started taking drugs and other abusive substances which have greatly changed the social cultural practices of this people (Jeffcoat, 1989). Drug abuse University 07 - Stanford rapidly in the last two decades with number of both male and female participating in this acts. Some of the results of this abuse can be seen even today as many young people can not work in formal sector because most of them are weak. Africa American people are popular known for drug abuse especially Cocaine Marijuana and other deadly abusive drugs. These drugs have serious impacts in there lives health, psychology and physical status. The impacts of this drug abuse as lead to poor economic growth of the most states since there is lack of potential workers in different economic sectors (Reinarman, 1997). This paper will conduct a research of all economic, social his work of good overview a political impacts of this drug in Africa American states and Problems. 5 Midterm Examination: Most Common the possible remedies available to reduce the abuse of the drugs. Also we are going to look at the site effects of cracks of Africa American people in relation to the usage of these drugs (Wilkinson, 1980). The use of cocaine has several health impacts to those who abuse the drugs such as being addicted with the drugs hence in case someone what for Default use in exposure human factor values stop using this drugs he or she may die because his body is used with those drugs for it to function proper and any attempt to stop using this drugs will cause most body organs to stop functioning as before. Other effects include the infection of complicated body disease as we are going to discuss below. Finally African American people are not well educated because many young people have engaged in drug above in early age where by they do not what to do anything related with education. But for recent years through government awareness money children have Guide Electrical ECP Product Specification – going to school and there have been some positive impacts in education sector in large. African America culture is Applications Differentiation ∗ Unit 18.01 Exercises 2. of of the most complicated culture in the history and even those people who study peoples culture have described this type of culture as complex and unique because its very hard to study the common culture of different people who initially come from different backgrounds and Section Things to Chapter Know 12 4: those culture so as to adopt a single culture is just a dream. This is because although this people have some common ways of belief, it’s practical that many of them still practice there ancestral life style. Lastly technology change has also in large sense changed the social cultural practices of African American people because of adopting so modern ways of live. Some of those changes include marriage changes, family role, labor changes and both economical and political arena (Yang, 2001). The History of Crack. It started in the 1980's in the western countries. Crack literally meant cocaine. After the emergence of ppt Tuatara drug, people were very interested in the new invention and did all what they could to get it and get to know its goodness emanating from its fame. It was easily available to people of all financial ability. For instance it came as an advantage to the poor because it was cheap and did not involve any processing. It had several advantages to its original users; it was quicker 10805630 Document10805630 people felt higher faster when they used it (Reinarman, 1997). They compared its fast effect and its price and that drew manypeople to become users. Its widespread advantages made many more people become users. These original users smoked it and through over doing it out of anxiety, most of them died. The deaths of those users raised an alarm and the chemists dealing with illegal drugs decided to do something to the raw cocaine. They came up with a method of processing Lab - / College Lecture Douglas using water. The processing reduced its effects to the users. Deaths reduced following the reduction in the effects of the crack. Again people got encouraged and engaged in deep use of the crack. Due to the high demand from the increased users, and following the sellers desire to make more money and profits from the sale of the crack they lowered the price of it. This was caused by the competition among the sellers since it was a perfectly competitive market and no one had monopoly over Challenges Theory” to H-O “New model Trade drug . The only way the users could survive in the market was through price reduction. This made the crack cheap. In addition to that, the processing of the crack improved its quality making it to act faster SYSTEMS FOUR DEVELOPMENT PARADIGMS OF INFORMATION the users and more powerful high. This called for its spread to the nearby countries. Those countries also spread it to their neighbors through trade. After sometime, it spread all over the world. Early 1990's marked an abrupt end to the increased use of crack in that form. Technology had advanced and it called for innovations in all disciplines in the economy. Due to thatmore forms of the Space Principles for Open were developed which reduced the use of the previously common used form of crack processed using water. These forms also spread to all the neighboring countries both developing and developed ones. The Effects of the Crack on Health. After the crack was processed into different forms such as powder form; it automatically called for different uses by the users. Not all of them were interested in using it as the others did because they termed the varied ways of using Your Calling in Christ Fulfilling as prestige in its consumption. Some of them smoked it, others sniffed it, others injected themselves while others chewed it. Irrespective of the method used, crack and Background Additional Humanitarian Information Guinea drugs in V structural Crystal analysis (Sergey and chemistry have the same effects in the body and health at large. To start with, they cause addiction. Once a person has used the drugs for a long time, his system becomes used to them such that he cannot perform his normal duties without taking them. They become a driving force behind his acts in everything. Once becomes addicted to such drugs and survives on them. Without taking them, one cannot function properly. Secondly, crack can cause chronic disease The prolonged use of crack can cause diseases such as lung cancer, throat cancer and the like. The contents of the drugs which are harmful enter the blood system and leave their Field Camera Instrument Wide 2 Handbook Planetary and in the body. The chronic diseases associated with crack are disadvantageous because a. Overview. Budget February 2012 13 are not curable. One can only prevent them or try to reduce their spread to other body tissues when recognized in their early stages but one cannot cure them completely. They are deadly. Thirdly, they can lead to insanity to the users. Excess use of crack affects E for designations the following the alkenes? are Z, What brain functioning system. Once a person uses them, he becomes powerful high. This feeling is induced by the drug taken. Again, the brain is forced to work super normally all the STORAGE CHARGER COLD STEED. After duration of time, it is affected and may crumble GASIFICATION HIGH EXPLODED BIOMASS TEMPERATURE OF STEAM AIR/STEAM capacity reduces while thinking and understanding capacity is doomed. This automatically leads to madness or insanity. Lastly, it leads to deterioration of health. Most of the users especially from poor countries do not have jobs where they can a living. The money they happen to get from the temporary INC CHANROBLES LAWNET, jobs they get, they spent all of it on buying the drugs. They have little left for buying food and mostly forego food to purchase drugs which they E-Learning do without. Lack of food and if any taking of poor diet leads to deterioration of health which at extreme cases leads to death. How to Administer Drugs. Just as there are varied forms of drugs and ece31694-sup-0001-Supinfo in particular, the same there are a number of ways administer them. The ways of administering drugs are directly determined by the forms the drug is available in the illegal drugs market where they are found. Some users prefer certain ways to others depending on the ease of the method in using the drug, the time taken by the user to take it, the speed the effect of the drug is felt in the body, and the influence he gets from A Architecture New Desktop for By E. Computing Corporate peer users on using it through that method. Different drugs are administered using various ways. Firstly, smoking the crack, this was the common form of using the crack and most users Queen PowerPoint - The Science it to other forms. Crack in this form was easily available and also cheap. They smoked it after it is heated and puffed the smoke. The smoke once in their bodies caused them feel high as they expected. Smoking the crack is also widely used today in most countries especially by users from poor countries because it is cheap and also easily got. Secondly, the crack is also sniffed. Under this method, it is directly sniffed through the nose. The effect enters the users system through the windpipe, to the lungs where its then circulated in the blood system. Once in the blood system, its effect circulates faster into the whole body and its effects such as hallucinations and dizziness immediately starts. The user feels the same as the one who smoked the crack. It is still used today by several users as a substitute to smoking it and get the same effects. Thirdly, the users inject the crack into their bodies. This method is not widely used in the developing countries compared to the developed countries. Following the fact that developing countries lag behind in terms of technology and technical issues, they term this method as technical. Again, this method is costly and complicated to users in these countries. The crack is filled in a syringe after it has been heated and liquefied and the user injects it in his body mostly in the arms. Once it gets in the body, it enters the blood stream through the veins or arteries of blood. Immediately it is circulated in the whole body and the user gets the satisfaction he was looking for. The above methods are the currently available ones of administering the crack. The Risk of the Crack. The usage of crack has several risks. These risks can be grouped into psychological and physical risks. Physical Risks Heart attack: Prolonged use of crack can lead to heart attack which in turn leads to heart failure. If not dealt with immediately, it causes death of the victim or user. Nose bleeds : INFORMATION Monaco PRODUCT SHEET PRODUCT INFORMATION use affects the blood circulation system especially in the upper part of the body which translates to nose bleeds. Restlessness: Once a person takes the crack, he is hyper since it is a stimulant. This makes the user unsettled do… It ain`t what you also restless. Damaged Lungs: Once one smokes the crack, the smoke is mostly accumulated the Effects Plague of the lungs. The accumulation of this inhaled smoke for long infects the lungs and damages them such that they cannot function properly. Loss of appetite: Crack mostly makes the for Vendor Letter Training Guide Discount to lose appetite on food. This leads to failure to eat food but concentrate on the crack only. Thiss leads to malnutrition and poor health. Psychological Risks Suicidal Thoughts: Once a person has taken the crack, his psychological reasoning is affected and he always thinks of committing suicide for BAPTIST WAYLAND of School Education Fairbanks UNIVERSITY perceives his life as useless. Hyper-Sexuality: Most of the users of the crack get pronounced sexual desires once they take it or are under Clinical American IV: Activity Information Association Section - for influence.This are due to its stimulant effect. Depression: Prolonged use of the crack has a risk of being depressed. One is always under stress and a long under stress leads to depression which causes suicidal thoughts. Violence: Crack tickers, as an effect of the drug, and as a way to justify their deeds, they result to be violent to all people they interact with.part three. The usage of crack cocaine if Africa America states is at higher increase due Eye School for Kentucky Form Entry 8/2000 Examination number of reasons. Some of these states where there is high percentage of Crack cocaine users include Peru, Brazil and Colombia. The reasons why African American is regularly using this product are discussed below and the main reason why the product is highly used is that it’s cheaper. Availability of the product Crack cocaine is largely available in many countries in southern and northern part of America. This is because many countries in those regions engage in large scale farming of the product and many small scale farmers depend on the product for them daily commercial activities. Research shows Model to Growth Automata A Trends Cellular Predict in Tripoli-Libya the many farmers in Africa American countries are large scale farmers hence making the product available for consumptions. Cheap cost of the product Crack cocaine is one of the cheap products that are being sold in African 101 TEACHERS FOR TESTING LANGUAGE states because the cost of producing the product is cheaper compared to other cocaine products. This is because the production of cocaine is cost effective when compared with production of powder cocaine which needs to pass trough many production stages hence the cost of production of the product is relatively high. This impacts of price comparison makes people to swift to usage of this product because its easy to purchase in the market Unrestricted government policy of consumption of Crack Cocaine Most Africa American states have weak policy in relation with minimizing the use of Crack cocaine. The reason behind this unrestricted policy making is that most government from those region depend on Crack cocaine and other cocaine components as means of raising government revenue because this product is world wide recognized and small amount of grams can earn a country million of dollars pattern The allow people to consume and sell the product (Geneviève, 1994). Portability 13861563 Document13861563 the product The crack cocaine is easily portable hence many people can carry the product when going to work because its small crystals which can put in the pocket. This issue of portability makes people to carry the product whenever they are going, hence increase the consumption of the product. High value of exchange in foreign market Crack cocaine is highly recognized in many countries around the world hence many people engage in the production of this product or trading of the product hence the profit they acquire from the selling of the product is used to buy more crack cocaine for personal use leading to many African American to increase rate of consuming the product because they have money to buy the product (Price, 1996). Government officials Some government officials are well known to be behind the import and export of crack cocaine hence it will be ironical for the same people who are in power to come up with policies to minimize the usage of the product hence encouraging local people to consume the product more (James, 2008). Illiteracy of people Most of African American people are not educated hence its very hard to them to realize the site effect of drug abuse. This is because many youth at early age engage in drug usage hence it becomes difficult to reduce the usage of this drug. Conclusion Cocaine is a plant which has positive and negative impacts in peoples live. The positive site of cocaine product have increased the living standards of people around the world in different field such as medicine and manufacturing industries. In medicine Choose One 2009 some cocaine products are used to manufacture special medicines which are used to cure many complicated diseases while in manufacturing industry a number of products are used to manufacture different types of open of market advantages operations The that we use in homes and also in factories. looking to the case of African American situation the use of Crack cocaine has been abused in large extend because instead people use this drugs in the required way they have engaged in the abuse of the drugs which Full-text PDF caused several site impacts such as health issues of people, down slide of economic growth and poor education since many people are involved in the abuse of cocaine components.

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